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Insurance Note:


RYP provides the following services:


  • Intensive in-home comprehensive therapy services

for children with ASDs under the age of 5 and under who are not in full-time school. Children must receive at least 20 hours of therapy to qualify for comprehensive, intensive services. Therapy can be provided in either the child's home or in a daycare setting. We accept Medicaid/Forward Heath and many private insurance



  • Private pay services for those families waiting for

Forward Health determination. Hours based on

developmental goals and financial capability.


  • Diagnostic Services Appointment conducted by

Dr. Corona-Londre in your home or in-office. The

purpose of this meeting is to confirm or determine an

autism spectrum diagnosis.

RYP accepts most insurance.  

Please contact your insurance carrier to determine specific benefits and coverage.

In Home



When a client is engaged in treatment, daily services will be provided by Behavioral Treatment Technicians and supervised by a Behavioral Treatment Therapist as well well as by Dr. Corona-Londre. Supervision will include ensuring appropriate goals are being set in alignment with the child's plan of care. Goals and progression will be closely monitored and updated on a 6-month basis. 



  • Social Skills

  • Play Skills

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Physical fitness

  • Communication Skills

  • Functional Daily Skills

  • Self-Regulation

  • School Readiness

  • Behavior Management





To ensure that progression toward goals is achieved, weekly notes will written by the Behavioral Treatment Therapist and signed off by the family, and Dr. Corona-Londre. Furthermore, Behavioral Treatment Therapist will compile progress notes which will also serve to ensure progression toward goals along with concerns and plans for addressing those concerns.


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